M A N U E L A     V L A D I C  -  M A S T R U K O


Manuela Vladic - Mastruko was born in 1962 and grew up in Zadar, Croatia. She went on to finish her schooling in Zagreb and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Prof. Ferdinand Kulmer.

She has had a number of one-person shows and group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. Alongside her professional involvement in art, she conducts theoretical and practical research within the field of human visual expressiveness and creativity of all ages. She is the author of a number of multimedia  art projects for children and adults and now co-operates with museums and galleries by organising and managing arts projects for all genarations.

She has written and illustrated 9 original picture books for children and has recevied a number of awards and prizes for her work.

She is a member of the Croatian Artists Society and the Croatian Association of Independent Artists. She lives and works in Zagreb and Zadar, Croatia.

        e-mail: manuela.vladic-mastruko@zg.t-com.hr


O N E  – P E R S O N    S H O W S

1986 -  Zagreb, Gallery “Vladimir Nazor”

          - Zagreb, “Spektar” Gallery of Culture Centre Novi Zagreb

1987 – Zagreb, Gallery of Student’s Centre (together with V. Delimar i D. Losic)

          - Zagreb, Gallery INA-Project

          - Dubrovnik, Gallery “Sesame”

          - Motovun, Gallery “Motovun”

1988 - Zagreb, HDLUZ, Gallery of Extended Media (Galerija Prosirenih medija)

          -Zagreb, Centre for Culture and Information (Kulturno informativni centar)

          - Zadar, TN Zaton, Gallery “Alan”

1989 – Gallery of Centre for Culture and Education “Mosa Pijade”

1990   -Munich, Gallery “Scorpion”

           -Zagreb, the National and University Library (Nacionalna i sveucilišna knjižnica)

1996 – Zagreb, KGZ, Library Voltino

1997 – Zagreb, Gallery “Miroslav Kraljevic”

          -  Rijeka, Gallery “Gal”  

1998 – Zadar, Gallery “Morsky”

2001 – Zagreb, Gallery “Karas”, “Consume Art I”

          - Rijeka, Gallery OK, “Consume Art II”

2002 – Zagreb, the Windows Gallery (Galerija Prozori)

2003 – Zagreb, the Studio of the Museum of Contemporary Art “Melissa in Candy Land ( Studio Muzeja suvremene umjetnosti )

2005 – Karlovac, Gallery ZILIK

          -  Zagreb, Centre for Culture and Education, Gallery the Ideal Town (Galerija “Idealni grad”)

2006 – Zagreb, Vladimir Nazor Gallery, “Uroboras”

2009 – Veli Losinj, Kula (Tower) gallery, “The Island of Childhood”

          - Hvar, Arsenal Gallery, “The Island of Childhood”

2010 – Zadar, Gallery Gina, “Island of Childhood”

2011 - Bjelovar, City Museum, “Good Evening Mister Anderson”


  A W A R D S     A N D    A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S

1986 – Crikvenica, the Art Colony “Gorica 85” Prize

1987 – Zadar, the 6. Zadar Youth Art Salon Acknowledgement

1988 – Zagreb, Fund for Art Improvement “Mosa Pijade”

1990 - Zagreb, the National and University Library Award on the 22nd Youth Art


2005 - Zagreb, “The Sheep in the Box” Award for the best Croatian Picture Book by the Art organisation “The Author’s House” ( “Ovca u kutiji” by Autorska kuca)

2005 - Zagreb, “The Grigor Vitez Prize” for art design of the book edition “Good Day   

 Mister Andersen”

2007- Zagreb, the 5th Festival of the First Award for multimedia project “Happiness”

2010 – Zagreb, the 3rd Award of the The 3rd Croatian’s Biennale of Illustrations

         -  Zagreb, “the Sheep in the Box” Award of Children’s Jury for the Best Croatian Picture Book


G R O U P       E X H I B I T I O N S

1984 – Zagreb, Gallery of the Student’ Centre, “The Graphic – The Drawing – The Young ones and new ones...” (Galerija Studentskog centra)

          -- Zagreb, the Student’s Culture Centre, the Review of Youth Art Creation (Galerija Studentskog kulturnog centra)

          - Zagreb, Gallery “Vladimir Nazor”, the Exhibition of Students of Academy of Fine Arts

- Gornja Radnja, the Youth Centre House Gallery, the Exhibition of the Students of The Acdemy of Fine Arts (Galerija Omladinskog doma)

1985 – Zadar, Gallery of Arts, the 4th Youth Art Salon (Galerija umjetnina)

          -  Zagreb, Art Pavilion, the 18th Youth Art salon (Umjetnički paviljon)

          -  Zagreb, Gallery “Vladimir Nazor”, The Exhibition of the Academy of Fine arts Students

-  Crikvenica, the Open Air Gallery, the 2nd Art Colony

-  Zagreb, the Istrian Student’s Club, The Exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts Students (Klub studenata Istre)

1986 – Zagreb, Gallery “Karas”, XIV Exhibition of the Members of the Croatian  Artists Society  

          -  Titov Vrbas, “Yu – Youth Art Palette

          -  Rijeka, the Modern Gallery, the 14th Youth Biennale (Moderna  galerija)

          -  Poreč, XXVII Annale, the Istrian Council Hall, “Water, Metaphor and Destiny (Istarska sabornica)

          -  Zagreb, the Art Pavilion, the 19th Youth Art Salon (Umjetnicki paviljon)

          -  Zadar, Gallery of Arts, the 6th Youth Art Salon (Galerija umjetnina)

1988 – Zadar, Gallery of Arts, the 7th Youth Art Salon (Galerija umjetnina)

          - Zagreb, HAZU’S Gliptoteque, the 3rd Triennial of Croatian Sculpture

          - Groznjan, the Youth Culture Centre, “Who Are You Mister Umpah-Pah?” (Kulturni centar mladih)

1989 - Pancevo, the Contemporary Art gallery of Culture Centre

            “Olga Petrov”, the 5th Exhibition of Yugoslavian Sculpture

          - Murska Sobota, The Gallery of Culture Center ”Misko Kranjec” the 9th Yugoslavian Exhibition of Small Sculptures

           - Zagreb, Gallery “Karas”, the Recent Works of Members of the Gallery of Extended Media (Galerija prosirenih medija)

           - Zagreb, the Art Pavilion, the 21st Youth Art Salon

           - Dubrovnik, the Art Gallery, the 8th Art Salon (Umjetnicka galerija )

 - Zadar, Gallery of Arts, the 8th Youth Art salon

 - Bologna, “Who Are You Mister Umpah-Pah?”

  - Ljubljana, The Cankar’s Hall, the 9th Yugoslavian Biennale of Small sculptures (Cankarjev dom)

1990 – Ljubljana, the Cankar’s Hall, “Who Are You Mister Umah-Pah?”

          - Munich, Gallery Meneghello, “The Garden of Eden”

          - Hanover, “Colour – The Aspect of Life”, Gedok

          - Zagreb, the 16th Zagreb Exhibition of Yugoslavian Print, JAZU’S Print Cabinet

- Zagreb, Art Pavilion, the 25th Zagreb Art Salon (Umjetnicki paviljon)

- Moscow, Keptee Szombathely, the 9. Yugoslavian Biennale of small Sculptures

- Zadar, City Lodge, the 13th Blue Art Salon (Gradska loza )

- Zagreb, Gallery “Karas”, the Art Pavilion, the 22nd Youth Art Salon

1991 – Rijeka, the Modern Gallery, the 16th Youth Art Biennale

1992 - Porec, the Istrian Council Hall, XXXII Annale (Istarska sabornica )

1993 - Zagreb, the Modern gallery, the New Croatian Art (Moderna galerija )

1995 - Zagreb, Klovicevi dvori, the 30th Zagreb Art Salon (Muzejski prostor)

1996 - Zagreb, HAZU’S Print Cabinet, the 1st Croatian Drawing Triennale

         - Zagreb, Gallery Spektar,

1997 – New York, Croatian Artist against Lymphoma and Leukemia

2001 – Bratislava, the 18th Illustrations Biennale

2002 – Zagreb, the Croatian Artists Hall, the 36. Zagreb Art salon

2003 – Bratislava, the 19. Illustrations Biennale

          - Zagreb, the Croatian Artists Hall, the Little Spy Hole Box (Dom Hrvatskih likovnih umjetnika)

2005 – Sibenik, the International Children Festival, the Gallery of Sibenik Town

          - Zagreb, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Gojislav Galapac and his Friends

          - Bratislava, the 20 Illustrations Biennale

2006 – Zadar, Arsenal, Gojislav Kalapac and his Friends

          - Zagreb, HAZU’S Gliptoteque, the 40. Zagreb Art Salon

          - Zagreb, “Do you Celebrate Christmas?” Prozori Gallery

2007 – Bratislava, the 21st Illustrations Biennale

2008 – Zagreb, the 2nd Croatian Illustrations Biennale, Klovicevi dvori Gallery

2009 – Bratislava, the 22nd Illustrations Biennale

2010 – Zagreb, the 45th Zagreb Art Salon, Dom HDLU

         -  Zagreb, the 3rd Croatian Illustrations Biennale, Klovicevi dvori Gallery

2011 -  Bjelovar, City Museum, “Good Evening Mister Anderson”

- Bratislava, the 23 Illustrations Biennale

- Zagreb, the Generation’s Dialog, ULUPUH Gallery

- Zagreb, the World without Illustrations, ULUPUH Gallery

2012 – Zagreb, the 4th Croatian Illustrations Biennale, Klovicevi dvori Gallery


U R B A N    A R T    A C T I V I T E S     A N D    I N S T A L A T I O N S

1985 – Zagreb, “PUNZ 85”, the Little Mimara Museum, the Slobostina borough

1986 – Zagreb, the Culture Solidarity for Gracani borough

1995 – Zagreb, “Mikulici 95”, the Original Conception of Multimedia Happenings for the restoration of Pongrac Castle

2002 – Zagreb, the Urban Festival, “Take a Rest”

2003 - Athens, Installation “The Cradle” (for the Olympics Games)


T H E    O R I G I N A L    P I C T U R E    B O O K S

2000 – “Pužic slikar” (“Snail the Painter”), Kasmir Promet publisher

          - “Brojko” (“The Counter Nummba”), Kasmir promet publisher

2001 – “Bajka o cistoj sumi” (“The Tale of the Clean Forest”), Naklada Haid

2002 - “Piko u svemiru” (“Piko in Space”), Naklada Haid publisher

2003 - “Duga”  “The Rainbow”), Naklada Haid publisher

2004 – “Pauk Oto” (“Otto the Spider”), Naklada Haid publisher

2005 - “Pustolovina pauka Ota” (“The Adventure of Otto the Spider”), Naklada Haid

2009 - “Pravi prijatelji” (The Thru Friends”), Zagreb, Golden marketing

         - “San o moru” (The Dream of Sea”), Zagreb, Sipar


G R A N T I N G     R E S I D E N C Y   A N D   W O R K S H O P S

1987 – Rome, Grant by the Italian Cultural Centre

1989 – Paris, Cite International des Artes, Grant by Found for Art Improvement Mosa Pijade

2007 – Bratislava, BIB-UNESCO Workshop of Albin Brunovsky

2011 – Bratislava, Lecture “Croatian Illustrations in the World of New Media”



2008  – „Fringe“ ( Porub), Galerija ULUPUH, Izlozba "Ja, moja zastava"

2011  - „Universe“, 3D video animation

          - „Universe 300“, 3D video animation